Friday, December 10, 2010

Target Incident

This was last October...

I was with my friends Ally, Maddie, and Abby, and we were all shopping for our Halloween Costumes at Target. We were all planning on being Kesha! :) But anyways, just for fun (while Maddie and Abby were in the dressing rooms) Ally and I went and picked out some old granny clothes and started trying them on... Well, as I put down the clothes on the little bench thing in the dressing room, I knocked over either Ally's or my slushie. It went EVERYWHERE. On the walls, on the ground....yeah... So Ally and I snuck over to the cafe place and took, like, 87 napkins and ran back to the dressing room to clean it up.
"I feel bad! Now they have to clean up our mess!" I would say.
"Ah. Who cares about them," Ally said back to me as we arrived back to the dressing room. After we finished cleaning all the RED COLD SLUSHIE up, we kinda just left. :) And that's the story!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


This was a LONG time ago:

I was at my friend Maddie's house and, well, they weren't paying the bills on time at the time, and so the bank called her house. So the phone rang. Maddie's answer?


And then she hung up. But what would you do if someone answered your phone call and said that?